UNIX Course

Learn UNIX


Approx. 3 weeks
Assumes 1 hr/day (work at your own pace)


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  1. 6m 29s
    1. UNIX Fundamentals Introduction
      2m 30s
    2. Prerequisites
    3. What you will learn
      3m 11s
  2. 1h 39m 06s
    1. Operating System
      9m 30s
    2. Unix OS
      4m 43s
    3. Unix Architecture and features
      13m 12s
    4. Unix Installation
      9m 28s
    5. Command Structure
      8m 37s
    6. Internal External Commands
      5m 38s
    7. BootProcess
      5m 00s
    8. System startup and init
      7m 45s
    9. Shutdown
      3m 30s
    10. Gui and CLI for UNIX
      2m 56s
    11. Basic Navigation
      6m 39s
    12. Introduction to bash shell
      14m 48s
    13. Basic command editors
      7m 20s
  3. 1h 12m 34s
    1. Package manager utility
      1m 37s
    2. Yum
      17m 23s
    3. apt-get
      33m 20s
    4. create a Custom YUM Repository
      20m 14s
  4. 2h 01m 58s
    1. File System in Unix
      20m 13s
    2. General Utilities
      13m 14s
    3. Handling Files in Unix
      32m 47s
    4. File system directories
      8m 43s
    5. set environment variable
      9m 32s
    6. Documentation
      9m 25s
    7. Home Directory and Path names
      7m 51s
    8. more and less Commands in unix
      3m 13s
  5. 51m 02s
    1. Metacharaters
      5m 44s
    2. Wild Cards in unix
      9m 00s
    3. Escaping and Quoting
      11m 21s
    4. Redirection
      12m 01s
    5. pipes
      8m 59s
    6. Creating a Tee
      3m 57s
  6. 52m 20s
    1. Process in Unix
      7m 32s
    2. Process Status in Unix
      4m 04s
    3. Mechanism of Process creation
      10m 03s
    4. Process States and Zombies
      9m 20s
    5. Start a Process Unix
      2m 43s
    6. Stop a Process Unix
      5m 02s
    7. Job Control
      3m 46s
    8. Identifying Processes
      2m 43s
    9. Adjust Priority
      7m 07s
  7. 55m 50s
    1. pagination files
      11m 21s
    2. Displaying the Beginning of a file
      4m 00s
    3. Displaying the end of a file
      6m 09s
    4. Cutting Columns
      5m 09s
    5. Pasting Files
      6m 00s
    6. Ordering a File
      8m 00s
    7. locate repeated non repeated lines
      4m 31s
    8. translating characters
      10m 40s
  8. 33m 12s
    1. Compressing and Archiving
      3m 22s
    2. Compressing and Decompressing
      4m 00s
    3. Archival Program
      8m 13s
    4. compressing and Archiving together
      8m 47s
    5. ulimit
      1m 07s
    6. Locating Files
      7m 43s
  9. 53m 30s
    1. File ownership
      3m 27s
    2. File Permissions
      4m 43s
    3. Changing File Permissions
      12m 26s
    4. Inodes
      5m 21s
    5. hard Links
      12m 00s
    6. Symbolic links and ln
      10m 00s
    7. Directory permissions
      9m 33s
  10. 44m 41s
    1. Group Add
      6m 00s
    2. user management
      7m 09s
    3. User Add
      5m 07s
    4. user Profiles
      8m 45s
    5. Usermod and userdel
      2m 40s
    6. Switching users
      6m 00s
    7. password aging
      9m 00s
  11. 36m 36s
    1. Changing ownership
      9m 22s
    2. umask
      5m 00s
    3. SUID
      11m 22s
    4. Sticky Bit
      5m 29s
    5. SGID
      5m 23s
  12. 1h 02m 06s
    1. Searching for a pattern
      21m 00s
    2. Stream editor
      20m 00s
    3. awk
      21m 06s
  13. 1h 13m 52s
    1. vi Editor
      1m 24s
    2. Modes used by vi
      7m 00s
    3. Entering and replacing text
      15m 42s
    4. saving text and quitting
      11m 42s
    5. navigation
      7m 04s
    6. Editing Text
      10m 00s
    7. Undoing Last editing
      8m 00s
    8. repeat last command
      9m 00s
    9. Searching for a pattern
      4m 00s
  14. 32m 00s
    1. Basics of TCPIP
      9m 19s
    2. File Transfer Protocol
      1m 41s
    3. the secure shell
      6m 00s
    4. sftp
      15m 00s
  15. 1h 03m 42s
    1. Reporting Free space
      11m 54s
    2. disk usage
      4m 00s
    3. Device Files
      06m 53s
    4. Device Recognition
      5m 49s
    5. Mount Unmount Configuring Mount
      9m 45s
    6. Creating Partitions
      11m 50s
    7. Creating File system
      5m 31s
    8. Configuring Mount
      3m 00s
    9. File system checking
      5m 00s

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