Data Visualization With Tableau Course

Learn Data Visualization With Tableau


Approx. 2 weeks
Assumes 1 hr/day (work at your own pace)


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  1. 7m 18s
    1. Introduction
      3m 45s
    2. Prerequisite
      1m 30s
    3. What you will learn
      2m 03s
  2. 51m 35s
    1. Distributing and Publishing
      5m 07s
    2. Downloading and Installing
      2m 54s
    3. Introduction to Tableau
      36m 18s
    4. Tableau Interface
      7m 16s
  3. 1h 31m 15s
    1. Getting Started with Data
      7m 37s
    2. Data Preparation with Excel and Text Files
      9m 20s
    3. Appending Data Connection and Data Sources
      5m 47s
    4. Editing Metadata and Saving Data Sources
      5m 20s
    5. Data Extraction and Utilization
      6m 12s
    6. Joining Related Data Sources
      10m 42s
    7. Data Transformation Methods
      12m 21s
    8. Advance Data Transformation Methods
      12m 35s
    9. Connecting to My SQL
      4m 02s
    10. Connecting to Google Analytics
      17m 19s
  4. 3h 22m 00s
    1. Getting Started with Visual Analytics
      7m 46s
    2. Creating Visualizations using Show Me
      2m 56s
    3. Sorting Tableau Data
      11m 14s
    4. Grouping Tableau Data
      10m 00s
    5. Grouping Extended
      8m 31s
    6. Creating Sets
      16m 21s
    7. Working with Sets
      9m 11s
    8. Filtering Concepts
      3m 49s
    9. Using Filter Shelf
      19m 49s
    10. Implementing Quick Filter
      8m 35s
    11. Where Tableau Filters
      5m 44s
    12. Filter for Top and Top N
      11m 05s
    13. Filtering Extended
      11m 42s
    14. Formating
      19m 05s
    15. Formatting Pane
      16m 32s
    16. Trend Lines
      9m 59s
    17. Reference Lines
      16m 29s
    18. Forecasting
      13m 59s
  5. 47m 47s
    1. Creating Calculated Field
      8m 13s
    2. Adding Totals and Sub-Totals to Cross-tab
      5m 13s
    3. Creating Heat Map
      6m 59s
    4. Creating Box and Whisker Plot
      4m 09s
    5. Changing Summary Operation
      3m 03
    6. Changing Visual Summary Type
      2m 40s
    7. Changing Appearance of Your Data
      10m 47s
    8. Resizing Visualization
      3m 31
    9. Displaying a Visualization in Presentation Mode
      3m 12s
  6. 1h 19m 05s
    1. Getting Started with Dashboard and Stories
      7m 00s
    2. Building Dashboards
      15m 59s
    3. Formatting Dashboards and Layouts
      11m 00s
    4. Dashboards Interactivity using Actions
      19m 00s
    5. Implementing Dashboards
      4m 42s
    6. Creating Stories
      17m 24s
  7. 1h 1m 33s
    1. Creating Basic Maps
      4m 18s
    2. Setting Map Options
      4m 38s
    3. Advance Mapping in Tableau
      15m 29s
    4. Custom Geocoding
      15m 57s
    5. Polygon Maps
      5m 18s
    6. Adding Background Images
      15m 53s
  8. 2h 10m 00s
    1. Getting Started with Computations
      5m 19s
    2. Calculation Syntax
      8m 06s
    3. Introduction to LOD Expressions
      11m 30s
    4. Introduction to Table Calculations
      17m 12s
    5. Modifying Table Calculation
      8m 03s
    6. Aggregation Calculations
      8m 08s
    7. Date Calculations
      5m 20s
    8. Logic Calculations
      6m 15s
    9. Number Calculations
      4m 05s
    10. String Calculations
      10m 04s
    11. Type Calculations
      7m 11s
    12. Parameters
      9m 13s
    13. Understanding Pill Types
      13m 32s
    14. Aggregation, Granularity and Ratio Calculations
      7m 16s
    15. Fixing Incorrect Sorts with INDEX()
      8m 46s
  9. 28m 16s
    1. Connecting Tableau with R
      14m 45s
    2. Using R within Tableau
      13m 31s

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