Ruby on Rails Course

Learn Ruby on Rails In-depth


Approx. 2 weeks
Assumes 1 hr/day (work at your own pace)


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  1. 15m 22s
    1. Introduction to Course
      4m 25s
    2. Pre-requisites
      0m 51s
    3. Introduction to Ruby on Rails
      3m 29s
    4. Why use Ruby on Rails
      3m 35s
    5. Understanding MVC architecture
      3m 12s
  2. 24m 50s
    1. Using command Prompt
      4m 04s
    2. Ruby
      3m 57s
    3. Dev kit
      4m 41s
    4. Ruby on Rails
      5m 38s
    5. Text Editor
      3m 39s
  3. 1h 01m 58s
    1. Objects and Variables
      4m 08s
    2. Integers and String
      8m 04s
    3. Arrays and its Methods
      7m 29s
    4. Hashes
      8m 49s
    5. Symbols
      3m 50s
    6. Ranges
      3m 48s
    7. Control Structures- Conditional if, else, elesif
      5m 07s
    8. Control Structures- Unless, case
      5m 36s
    9. Control Structures- Loops
      8m 13s
    10. Control Structures- Iterators
      6m 54s
  4. 1h 17m 58s
    1. Code Block-Find
      10m 54s
    2. Code Block-Merge
      06m 07s
    3. Code Block-Collect
      6m 53s
    4. Code Block-Sort
      05m 56s
    5. Methods
      10m 57s
    6. Classes
      10m 14s
    7. Modules
      4m 17s
    8. Mixins
      05m 54s
    9. Working with Files- Input/output Basics
      4m 18s
    10. Working with Files- Read/Write into Files
      5m 10s
    11. Working with Files- Rename/Delete Files
      3m 13s
    12. Working with Files- Examine File Details
      03m 10s
  5. 38m 56s
    1. Creating Project
      04m 54s
    2. FileStructure
      8m 04s
    3. Introducing Bundler
      04m 22s
    4. First Rails Application- Hello world
      05m 54s
    5. Running First Rails Application- Hello world
      03m 22s
    6. Routes
      12m 20s
  6. 28m 47s
    1. Rendering Templates
      3m 31s
    2. Redirecting Actions
      4m 50s
    3. View Templates
      5m 53s
    4. Links
      2m 29s
    5. URL Parameters
      12m 04s
  7. 22m 07s
    1. Rake
      3m 02s
    2. What is migrations
      3m 42s
    3. Generating migrations
      5m 04s
    4. Running migrations
      3m 32s
    5. Migration methods
      6m 47s
  8. 31m 58s
    1. Understanding Active Record and Active Relation
      05m 46s
    2. Generating a model
      08m 42s
    3. Creating records
      07m 15s
    4. Finding records
      04m 21s
    5. Update/ Deleting Records
      05m 54s
  9. 11m 01s
    1. Introduction to BookReview project
      3m 01s
    2. Create and configure Project
      1m 29s
    3. Generate Model
      6m 31s
  10. 50m 14s
    1. CRUD Operation-Index
      05m 16s
    2. Create actions: New and Create
      4m 58s
    3. Create Form
      9m 51s
    4. Save Action
      10m 59s
    5. Create Action-Show
      6m 23s
    6. Update actions: Edit/update
      6m 56s
    7. Update actions: Delete/destroy
      5m 51s
  11. 39m 37s
    1. Introduce Devise gems
      6m 47s
    2. Login and Logout
      4m 39s
    3. Add Bootstrap
      12m 05s
    4. Associating Books to Current User
      16m 06s
  12. 39m 45s
    1. Build Select Category Option
      7m 39s
    2. Add Categories
      8m 55s
    3. Edit/update Category
      2m 43s
    4. Filter Books
      20m 28s
  13. 44m 20s
    1. Introduction to Assets Pipeline 7m 22s
    2. Stylesheets 5m 58s
    3. Javascripts 4m 30s
    4. Images-Install Paperclip Gem 9m 41s
    5. Images Upload 5m 36s
    6. Display Images
      2m 20s
    7. Style to Images
      8m 53s
  14. 55m 37s
    1. Generate Model for Reviews
      6m 21s
    2. Create Reviews
      14m 34s
    3. Outputting Reviews to Users
      2m 58s
    4. Edit/Update Reviews
      12m 5s
    5. Five Stars Rating
      11m 53s
    6. Average Rating
      7m 36s
  15. 40m 18s
    1. CSS and Bootstrap Recall-I
      12m 30s
    2. CSS and Bootstrap Recall-II
      7m 37s
    3. Use Font-Awesome
      10m 11s
  16. 38m 40s
    1. Deploy rail app using nginx and phusion Passenger server Part-1
      11m 03s
    2. Deploy rail app using nginx and phusion Passenger server Part-2
      10m 26s
    3. Create Github rep, add navigation partials and push code
      08m 43s
    4. Deploy Ruby on Rails application to Heroku
      8m 28s

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