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Approx. 2 week
Assumes 5 hrs/week (work at your own pace)


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  1. 8m
    1. Python Graphical User Interface
      3m 16s
    2. Prerequisite
    3. What we will learn
      4m 15s
  2. 1h 36m 33s
    1. Introduction to Python
      5m 15s
    2. Advantages and Program Execution
    3. Variables and Assignments
      17m 36s
    4. Data Type : Numbers and Strings
      24m 08s
    5. Data Type : List and Dictionary
      16m 47s
    6. Data Type : Tuple and Sets
      18m 35s
  3. 1h 14m 14s
    1. Files in Python
      11m 09s
    2. User Inputs in Python
      6m 14s
    3. Conditionals
      11m 11s
    4. Loops in Python
      14m 56s
    5. Introducing Functions
      14m 07s
    6. Functions :Factory and Recursive Functions
      16m 37s
  4. 1h 22m 20s
    1. Class in Python
      13m 09s
    2. Inheritance and Moduels in Class
      18m 02s
    3. Polymorphism and Operator Overloading with python
      10m 48s
    4. Exception Handling
      16m 50s
    5. Exception Handling Statements
      23m 31s
  5. 32m 18s
    1. GUI Tools: Tkinter
      5m 27s
    2. GUI tools :wxPython
      2m 54s
    3. GUI Tools PyQt and PyGtk
      4m 02s
    4. GUI Tools :Jython,Pythoncard and Pyjamas
      6m 06s
    5. Introduction to Tkinter
      4m 23s
    6. Tkinter:widgets
      4m 54s
    7. Tkinter with Geometry Management
      4m 32s
  6. 1h 26m 53s
    1. Labels in Widgets
      13m 27s
    2. Buttons in Widgets
      11m 14s
    3. Frame and Messages in Widgets
      12m 17s
    4. Entry in Widgets
      12m 16s
    5. CheckButton and RadioButton in Widgets
      19m 55s
    6. Scrollbar,Listboxex and MENU in Widgets
      17m 44s
  7. 27m 12s
    1. Customizing Widgets
      6m 48s
    2. Customizing Widgets:Multiple Widgets and Image Resizing
      4m 50s
    3. Customizing Widgets with Geometry Managers
      15m 34s
  8. 1h 44m 36s
    1. Application - Guess Game
      26m 15s
    2. Application - Tic-Tac-Toe
      35m 16s
    3. Application - Calculator
      43m 05s

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