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Approx. 2 weeks
Assumes 5hrs/week (work at your own pace)


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  1. 6m 13s
    1. What is PyMongo?
      1m 54s
    2. Pre-requisites
      1m 22s
    3. What we will learn?
      3m 57s
  2. 1h 56m 14s
    1. Introduction to Python
      5m 52s
    2. Advantages of Python and Program Execution
      11m 30s
    3. Variables and Assignments
      18m 41s
    4. Data Types
      3m 10s
    5. Data Types: Numbers and Strings
      30m 17s
    6. Data Types: List and Dictionary
      26m 23s
    7. Data Types: Tuples and Sets
      20m 21s
  3. 1h 34m 48s
    1. Files
      10m 24s
    2. Types of Input
      8m 11s
    3. Conditionals
      17m 15s
    4. Loops
      23m 19s
    5. Functions
      8m 56s
    6. Scope of Variables
      9m 30s
    7. Arguments
      17m 13s
  4. 1h 14m 21s
    1. Classes
      15m 39s
    2. Inheritance
      10m 29s
    3. Modules
      10m 33s
    4. Polymorphism and Operator Overloading
      24m 21s
    5. Execptions
      13m 19s
  5. 46m 33s
    1. Introduction to MongoDB
      5m 45s
    2. JSON and Features of MongoDB
      7m 51s
    3. Getting Started with MongoDB
      2m 06s
    4. Databases
      6m 03s
    5. Collections
      8m 42s
    6. Documents
      7m 19s
    7. Data Types in MongoDB
      5m 59s
    8. CRUD Introduction
      1m 11s
    9. Database Operations
      1m 37s
  6. 1h 0m 06s
    1. CRUD Concept
      6m 53s
    2. CRUD Operations
      24m 20s
    3. Query Operations
      7m 26s
    4. Data Modeling
      8m 47s
    5. Model Relationship between Documents
      6m 02s
    6. Model Tree Structures
      6m 38s
  7. 2h 2m 46s
    1. Introduction to Indexes
      6m 03s
    2. Types of Indexes: Part 1
      23m 08s
    3. Types of Indexes: Part 2
      21m 35s
    4. Indexes Properties
      18m 53s
    5. Creating Indexes
      14m 20s
    6. Capped Collections
      11m 12s
    7. Aggregation Introduction
      16m 57s
    8. Aggregation Operations
      10m 38s
  8. 58m 25s
    1. Getting Started with PyMongo
      8m 55s
    2. Basic Operations in PyMongo: Part 1
      11m 29s
    3. Basic Operations in PyMongo: Part 2
      17m 22s
    4. Basic Operations in PyMongo: Part 3
      20m 39s
  9. 1h 13m 35s
    1. Common PyMongo and Python patterns
      10m 24s
    2. Using Indexes in PyMongo
      32m 50s
    3. Upserts in PyMongo
      4m 50s
    4. Atomic Operation in PyMongo
      5m 21s
    5. Bulk-Write Operations in PyMongo
      13m 59s
    6. GridFs in PyMongo
      6m 11s
  10. 4m 06s
    1. Introduction to Django
      4m 06s

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