PHP with MySQL Course

Learn PHP with MySQL In-depth


Approx. 2 weeks
Assumes 1 hr/day (work at your own pace)


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  1. 30m 49s
    1. What is PHP?
      4m 45s
    2. What will you learn
      4m 51s
    3. Pre-requisites
      0m 51s
    4. Installation
      7m 56s
    5. Configuring PHP
      6m 00s
    6. Configuring MySQL
      6m 26s
  2. 59m 18s
    1. PHP: The big Picture
      3m 13s
    2. Naming the variables
      3m 23s
    3. Displaying Text and Numbers
      6m 53s
    4. Comments and whitespaces
      7m 50s
    5. Storing text as strings
      07m 04s
    6. Joining strings
      11m 52s
    7. Doing Calculations with PHP
      05m 46s
    8. Storing multiple values with arrays
      13m 17s
  3. 30m 01s
    1. The truth of PHP
      2m 39s
    2. Making Decisions with Conditionals
      9m 07s
    3. Switch statements and Ternary operator
      06m 34s
    4. Loops for repetative actions
      11m 41s
  4. 43m 27s
    1. Built-in fuctions of PHP
      09m 16s
    2. Custom functions
      05m 28s
    3. Including External files
      10m 38s
    4. Passing values br Reference
      05m 57s
    5. Understanding Classes and Objects
      06m 08s
    6. Deciphering Errors
      6m 00s
  5. 1h 14m 57s
    1. Difference between POST and GET
      07m 21s
    2. How PHP send Email?
      06m 25s
    3. Displaying Error Messages Conditionally
      05m 15s
    4. Making sure required fields are not blank
      10m 38s
    5. Preserving User Input
      7m 56s
    6. Blocking Suspect Phrases
      10m 09s
    7. Adding headers
      13m 17s
    8. Building the message body
      10m 05s
    9. Sending the Mail
      5m 51s
  6. 35m 45s
    1. Handling Radio buttons
      26m 57s
    2. Handling Checkboxes
      5m 38s
    3. Handling Checkboxes in groups
      13m 33s
    4. Handling Select Menu
      10m 50s
    5. Handling Multiple-Choices
      17m 53s
  7. 13m 42s
    1. Creating a Database
      07m 47s
    2. Creating a Database table
      05m 55s
    3. CRUD in MySQL
      06m 36s
    4. Populating a Database
      09m 18s
    5. Relational Database Tables
      06m 52s
    6. Populating Relational Database Tables
      07m 33s
  8. 50m 38s
    1. Database APIs and connecting to MySQL
      11m 36s
    2. Building the Database
      12m 03s
    3. Retrieving Data
      8m 37s
    4. Creating Records with PHP
      7m 14s
    5. Updating and Deleting Records
      11m 08s
  9. 51m 40s
    1. Blueprinting the Application
      10m 31s
    2. Building the Database for Applcation
      06m 29s
    3. Establishing work area
      05m 56s
    4. Styling the First Page
      5m 20s
    5. Making page assests Reuseable
      10m 47s
    6. Connecting the Application to Database
      12m 37s
  10. 34m 34s
    1. Adding pages to Navigation Subjects
      4m 17s
    2. Refactoring the Navigation
      8m 19s
    3. Selecting Pages from Navigation
      06m 50s
    4. Highlighting the Current Page
      6m 47s
    5. Moving navigation to a function
      8m 21s
  11. 1h 47m 21s
    1. Finding a subject in Database
      12m 16s
    2. Refactoring the Page Selection
      8m 34s
    3. Creating a new subject form
      10m 05s
    4. Processing form values and adding subjects
      12m 57s
    5. Passing data in the Session
      12m 33s
    6. Validating form values
      12m 57s
    7. Creating an edit subject form
      8m 30s
    8. Single-page submission
      06m 45s
    9. Deleting a Subject
      10m 30s
    10. Cleaning Up
      12m 14s
  12. 49m 05s
    1. The Public View
      9m 38s
    2. Using a Context
      14m 23s
    3. Adding default Subject behavior
      08m 54s
    4. The Public Content Area
      6m 58s
    5. Protecting Page Visibility
      9m 12s
  13. 1h 20m 51s
    1. Overview-User Authentication
      04m 50s
    2. Admin CRUD
      12m 36s
    3. Encrypting Passwords
      08m 39s
    4. Salting Passwords
      6m 23s
    5. Adding Password encryption to application
      15m 43s
    6. New PHP password function
      03m 21s
    7. Creating a Login System
      13m 41s
    8. Checking for authorization
      8m 40s
    9. Creating a Logout Page
      6m 58s

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