Javascript Course

Learn Javascript In-depth


Approx. 1 week
Assumes 1 hr/day (work at your own pace)


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  1. 18m 37s
    1. Introduction to JavaScript
      2m 43s
    2. Application of JavaScript
      5m 17s
    3. Getting started with JavaScript
      8m 15s
    4. Prerequsites for JavaScript
      0m 30s
    5. What will you learn
      1m 52s
  2. 31m 43s
    1. Variables and it's Types
      10m 32s
    2. Type Conversions
      13m 27s
    3. Variable Declaration and it's Scope
      7m 44s
  3. 51m 40s
    1. Understanding JavaScript Operators & Expressions Part-1
      22m 08m
    2. Understanding JavaScript Operators & Expressions Part-2
      29m 32s
  4. 1h 1m 23s
    1. Introducing JavaScript Statements
      12m 00s
    2. JavaScript Conditional Statements
      21m 25s
    3. Understanding & expressing Looping in JavaScript
      16m 43s
    4. Miscellaneous statements of JavaScript
      11m 15s
  5. 47m 24s
    1. Understanding & creating JavaScript Objects
      12m 45s
    2. Querying and setting object properties
      07m 13s
    3. Testing Object Properties
      8m 07s
    4. Enumerating Properties
      04m 59s
    5. Deleting properties
      3m 39s
    6. Walkthrough Getters and setters
      3m 24s
    7. Objects Miscellaneous
      7m 17s
  6. 27m 38s
    1. Introduction to Perspectives of Array
      6m 14s
    2. Going Through Array Methods part-1
      5m 38s
    3. Understanding Array Methods part-2
      4m 34s
    4. Walkthrough Array Methods part-3
      11m 12s
  7. 57m 5s
    1. Introducing JavaScript Functions
      8m 13s
    2. Uses of functions
      8m 31s
    3. Viewing function parameters
      9m 47s
    4. Understanding function invocation part-1
      11m 03s
    5. Look upon function invocation part-2
      9m 54s
    6. Concepts of function closures
      7m 5s
    7. Going through function miscellaneous
      3m 12s
  8. 10m 6s
    1. Learning Pattern matching with Regular expressions
      4m 26s
    2. Diving in concepts associated to Pattern matching
      5m 40s

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