Data Analysis with Excel Essentials Course

Learn Data Analysis Using Excel


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Approx. 1 week
Assumes 30 mins/day (work at your own pace)


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  1. 14m 51s
    1. Introduction
      10m 14s
    2. What You should know?
      2m 08s
    3. How to access provide data?
      2m 29s
  2. 48m 25s
    1. Introduction
      1m 36s
    2. Calculating
      9m 42s
    3. Measurment of maximum,minimum and quartile value
      8m 44s
    4. Understanding of Variance and Covarience
      10m 32s
    5. Introduction to Central Limit Theorem
      2m 12s
    6. Concepts of Sample and Population of Data
      10m 03s
    7. Identifying and Analyzing Sourse of Error
      5m 26s
  3. 48m 07s
    1. Introduction
      1m 35s
    2.  Understanding Histograms
      7m 28s
    3. Understanding Relationships Using Scatterplots
      5m 21s
    4. Visualization Using Logarithmic Scales
      8m 00s
    5. Adding Trend Lines to Charts
      4m 55s
    6. Forecasting Future Results
      13m 01s
    7. Calculating Running Averages
      8m 22s
  4. 13m 46s
    1. Introduction
      0m 47s
    2. Formulating a Hypothesis
      6m 06s
    3. Interpreting the Results of Analysis
      3m 06s
    4. Considering the limits of Hypothesis Testing
      3m 29s
  5. 44m 33s
    1. Introduction
      1m 10s
    2. Using the Normal Distribution
      9m 02s
    3. Using the Exponential Distribution
      8m 10s
    4. Using the Uniform Distribution
      8m 44s
    5. Using the Binomial Distribution
      8m 39s
    6. Using the Poisson Distribution
      8m 35s
  6. 45m 12s
    1. Introduction
      1m 03s
    2. Introduction to Covariance
      6m 33s
    3. Calculating Covariance for Two Columns of Data
      8m 33s
    4. Calculating Covariance for Multiple Columns
      8m 32s
    5. Introduction to Correlation
      9m 33s
    6. Calculating Correlation for Two Columns of Data
      4m 14s
    7. Calculating Correlation for Multiple Columns
      6m 39s
  7. 36m 09s
    1. Introduction
      1m 07s
    2. Case Study to Understand Bayesian Analysis
      4m 41s
    3. Analyzing a Sample Problem
      7m 34s
    4. Understanding and Creating Classification Matrix
      7m 06s
    5. Working with Bayesian Analysis in Excel
      9m 42s
    6. Making Updates in Bayesian Analysis in Excel
      6m 44s
  8. 2m 05s
    1. Introduction
      2m 05s

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