.Net Course

Learn .Net In-depth


Approx. 10 days
Assumes 1 hr/day (work at your own pace)


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  1. 10m 04s
    1. What is .NET
      6m 23s
    2. Pre-requisites
    3. What we will learn?
      3m 36s
  2. 42m 56s
    1. Introduction
      4m 34s
    2. Architecture
      9m 50s
    3. Evolution And Features
      18m 34s
    4. Creating Project
      9m 58s
  3. 1h 45m 12s
    1. C# Basics
      10m 04s
    2. Data Types (Value and Struct)
      17m 59s
    3. Data Types (Enum and Pointer)
      22m 34s
    4. Class And Method
      20m 28s
    5. Polymorphism, Abstract Classes and Interface
      34m 07s
    6. Exception Handling
      9m 25s
  4. 1h 03m 49s
    1. Visual Studio IDE and Creating Form
      8m 25s
    2. TextBox and Label
      9m 34s
    3. RadioButton and Checkbox
      23m 05s
    4. PictureBox and DialogBox
      10m 46s
    5. Timer and Handling Events
      11m 59s
  5. 29m 50s
    1. ADO .NET with Its Architecture
      16m 12s
    2. Connection and Disconnection Model
      13m 38s
    3. CRUD
      10m 49s
  6. 1h 02m 22s
    1. Collections-I
      13m 34s
    2. Collections-II
      16m 20s
    3. Generics - I
      15m 36s
    4. Generics - II
      16m 52s
  7. 58m 11s
    1. Introduction
      6m 04s
    2. Architecture and Webservers
      8m 34s
    3. ASP .NET forms model
      8m 38s
    4. ASP Lifecycle
      14m 50s
    5. PostBack Types
      20m 05s
  8. 46m 46s
    1. Web Server Control
      28m 20s
    2. Validation of Input
      18m 26s
  9. 1h 50m 16s
    1. Introduction To LINQ
      6m 00s
    2. LINQ type Queries
      39m 44s
    3. SQL Queries
      11m 42s
    4. XML and Database using LINQ
      40m 25s
    5. 3-Tier Achitecture
      12m 25s
  10. 41m 24s
    1. State Management and its Techniques
      7m 27s
    2. View, Hidden and Querying State
      6m 02s
    3. Session and Cookie
      16m 54s
    4. AJAX
      11m 01s

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