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Approx. 2 weeks
Assumes 1 hr/day (work at your own pace)


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  1. 14m 54s
    1. Introduction to Cassandra
      3m 59s
    2. Pre-Requisites
      1m 00s
    3. What You Will Learn
      4m 14s
    4. Use Cases for Cassandra
      5m 41s
  2. 20m 26s
    1. NoSQL Databases
      7m 17s
    2. CAP theorem
      6m 53s
    3. ACID vs BASE
      1m 47s
    4. What is Cassandra?
      4m 29s
  3. 13m 35s
    1. Downloading Cassandra
      1m 55s
    2. Ensuring Oracle Java 7 is Installed
      1m 56s
    3. Installing Cassandra
      7m 17s
    4. Starting Cassandra
      2m 27s
  4. 22m 59s
    1. Cassandra- A Distributed Database
      2m 11s
    2. System Keyspaces
      1m 50s
    3. Peer to Peer Model
      3m 44s
    4. What Gossip Protocol is for?
      3m 42s
    5. Anti-entropy and Read Repair
      4m 18s
    6. Memtables, SSTables and Commit Logs
      4m 45s
    7. Compaction, Bloom Filters and Tombstones
      2m 29s
  5. 23m 14s
    1. Components for Configuring Cassandra
      1m 12s
    2. Keyspaces
      1m 14s
    3. Replicas
      2m 06s
    4. Replica Placement Strategies
      5m 01s
    5. Replication Factor
      3m 52s
    6. Virtual Nodes
      2m 11s
    7. Partitioners
      2m 52s
    8. Snitches
      4m 46s
  6. 8m 26s
    1. Introduction to CQL and Thrift
      4m 48s
    2. Using cqlsh
      3m 38s
  7. 7m 43s
    1. Describing Cassandra
      1m 59s
    2. Cluster
      1m 15s
    3. Keyspaces and Column Family
      4m 29s
  8. 32m 35s
    1. What is a Cassandra Database?
      2m 43s
    2. Query differences between RDBMS and Cassandra
      2m 41s
    3. Defining a KeySpace
      5m 26s
    4. Data Types
      4m 41s
    5. Creating a Table
      4m 04s
    6. A Primary Key
      2m 31s
    7. A Partition Key
      2m 55s
    8. Specifying the Clustering Order
      5m 25s
    9. Deleting a KeySpace
      2m 09s
  9. 18m 07s
    1. Different ways of Writing the Data
      1m 45s
    2. INSERT INTO Command
      6m 18s
    3. The COPY Command
      6m 03s
    4. How Data is stored in Cassandra
      4m 47s
  10. 27m 38s
    1. Design differences between RDBMS and Cassandra
      4m 30s
    2. Design Patterns
      3m 48s
    3. A WHERE Clause
      3m 57s
    4. Secondary Indexes
      6m 30s
    5. A Composite Partition Key
      68m 53s
  11. 32m 28s
    1. Updating Data
      10m 01s
    2. How Updating Works?
      2m 40s
    3. Deleting Data
      7m 16s
    4. Using TTLs
      12m 31s
  12. 17m 33s
    1. Cassandra Monitoring Tools
      1m 19s
    2. Using Nodetool
      6m 56s
    3. Using JConsole
      5m 03s
    4. Learning about Ops Center
      4m 15s
  13. 50m 01s
    1. Cassandra Drivers
      2m 41s
    2. The DataStax Java Driver
      4m 18s
    3. Setting the Environment for Development
      3m 26s
    4. Creating an Application Page
      3m 52s
    5. Acquiring The DataStax Java Driver Files
      3m 01s
    6. Getting The DataStax Java Driver Files Through Maven
      2m 54s
    7. Connecting to Cluster
      4m 11s
    8. Executing the Query
      10m 13s
    9. Dispalying the Query
      11m 13s
    10. Final Review of the Application
      4m 12s
  14. 37m 35s
    1. Understanding Cassandra Nodes
      2m 57s
    2. Having a Network Connection
      5m 29s
    3. Specifying the Address of a Node in Cassandra
      6m 04s
    4. Specifying Seed Nodes
      6m 26s
    5. Bootstrapping a Node
      9m 54s
    6. Cleaning up a Node
      3m 21s
    7. Using Cassandra-stress
      3m 24s
  15. 35m 05s
    1. Repairing the Nodes
      4m 09s
    2. Understanding Consistency
      6m 34s
    3. Understanding Hinted Handoff
      4m 13s
    4. Read Repair in Detail
      3m 55s
    5. Decommissioning a Node
      3m 45s
    6. Putting a Node back into Service
      1m 59s
    7. Removing a Dead Node
      4m 30s
  16. 18m 07s
    1. Redefining for Multiple Data Centers
      2m 33s
    2. Changing Snitch Type
      5m 17s
    3. Modifying Cassandra-rackdc.properties
      4m 17s
    4. Changing Replication Strategy
      6m 00s

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