Advanced Hive Course

Learn Advanced Hive In-depth


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Approx. 3 week
Assumes 4 hrs/week (work at your own pace)


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  1. 9m 51s
    1. What is Hive
      3m 47s
    2. Prerequisites
      0m 39s
    3. What will you learn
      2m 31s
    4. Comparison with Pig and HBase
      2m 54s
  2. 51m 56s
    1. What is Big Data
      5m 07s
    2. What is Apache Hadoop
      5m 50s
    3. HDFS in Hadoop
      11m 42s
    4. Data Processing Framework in Hadoop
      7m 22s
    5. Hive Use Case@ Twitter
      2m 38s
    6. Hive vs MapReduce
      5m 05s
    7. What is Hive
      5m 21s
    8. Advantages of Hive
      1m 57s
    9. Hive Architecture
      6m 54s
  3. 1h 26m 9s
    1. Hive Data Types
      9m 35s
    2. Hive QL
      3m 52s
    3. DDL on Database
      13m 43s
    4. DDL on Tables
      8m 46s
    5. Different Tables in Hive
      20m 28s
    6. advanced DDL on Tables
      24m 49s
    7. File Formats in Hive
      4m 56s
  4. 1h 54m 20s
    1. DML- Loading Data in Tables
      14m 24s
    2. Managing Output
      23m 08s
    3. Hive QL Queries
      14m 32s
    4. Operator and Functions in Hive
      28m 46s
    5. Hive Clauses
      33m 30s
  5. 1h 8m 22s
    1. Joins in Hive
      17m 31s
    2. Word Count Example using Hive
      06m 57s
    3. Hive Views-I
      09m 24s
    4. Hive Views-II
      16m 00s
    5. Other Clauses in Hive
      18m 30s
  6. 1h 2m 12s
    1. Hive Indexing
      15m 32s
    2. Indexing with additional properties
      5m 41s
    3. Tuning
      11m 38s
    4. Execute Hive Queries in Different Modes
      18m 08s
    5. Hadoop Tuning Parameters
      11m 13s
  7. 56m 46s
    1. Compression with Hive
      5m 05s
    2. Choosing a Compression Codec
      8m 25s
    3. Sequence Files
      13m 42s
    4. Sequence Files with Different Compression Type
      14m 47s
    5. Running Compression with Hive Queries
      14m 47s
  8. 49m 51s
    1. Functions in Hive
      5m 50s
    2. Aggregate, Calling and Table Generating Functions
      17m 02s
    3. Different Kinds of UDFs
      4m 03s
    4. Create and Calling UDFs in Hive
      14m 17s
    5. Hive UDAFs
      8m 39s
  9. 52m 30s
    1. TextFile, Sequence File Formats
      6m 53s
    2. RCFile Format
      15m 42s
    3. CSV and JSON SerDe
      18m 40s
    4. Hive Avro SerDe
      11m 15s
  10. 20m 09s
    1. Storage Handlers
      6m 14s
    2. Hbase
      13m 55s
  11. 13m 20s
    1. Need of Shared MetaStore
      4m 29s
    2. What are HCatlog Tables
      8m 51s

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