Run Python Script in Spark

Date: 20 May 2016 at 06:30 PM (IST)

Webinar: Run Python Script in Spark

Join this webinar to learn how to run Python Script in Spark.

Python has become one of the major programming languages today -it"s a dynamic, interpreted language and comes with a number of modules for interacting with the operating system, searching text with regular expressions, accessing the Internet, etc. 

Spark was developed to utilize distributed, in-memory data structures to improve data processing speeds over Hadoop for most workloads. Spark is the cutting edge successor to MapReduce. It is a powerful, open-source cluster computing framework for large datasets, optimized for speed, ease of use and advanced analytics.The core data structure in Spark is an RDD, or a resilient distributed dataset. As the name suggests, an RDD is Spark's representation of a dataset that is distributed across the RAM, or memory, of lots of machines. An RDD object is essentially a collection of elements that you can use to hold lists of tuples, dictionaries, lists, etc.

While Spark is writen in Scala, a language that compiles down to byte-code for the JVM, the open source community has developed a wonderful toolkit called PySpark that allows you to interface with RDD's in Python.

Python is a powerful programming language that?s easy to code with. Combined with Apache Spark, you have a powerful, easy way to process Big Data either in real time or with scripts. Join our webinar to learn the skills to analyse Big Data with your favorite programming language.

The webinar will include theory and also have a hands-on practical session.

Comming Soon....

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