Data Visualization in Python

Date: 31 May 2016 at 06:30 PM (IST)

Webinar: Data Visualization in Python

Join this webinar to learn how to create effective data visualizations in Python.

Data visualization is a critical skill for data science and data analytics. Data scientists are like artists. Their "pictures" are the digital visualizations of data.  A good visualization could be the difference between hard to digest piles of data and useful business information ? it eases and accelerates the process of understanding data and gaining insights and it also communicates complex analyses in a format that business partners can understand. It is worth noting that human perception, cognition, communication and understanding goes up when exposed to visual representations of data and content.
In this webinar you will understand the importance of data visualization and how it can be used to derive useful insights in diverse situations. You will learn about the basics of data visualization, including types of charts and graphs, common pitfalls and good practices in data visualization, and data sources and also a number of tips, tricks, and best practices for creating effecting data visualizations in Python.
The webinar will include theory and also have a hands-on practical session that will help you hone your skill as a Data Visualization Analyst. 

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