Creating API using Django

Date: 17 May 2016 at 06:30 PM (IST)

Webinar: Creating API using Django

Join our webinar to learn how to create API using Django.

Django is a powerful framework written in Python that offers a variety of development tools. Django liberates developers from much of the tiresome work of application development and gives you the freedom to enjoy the fun part of web designing.

API development allows you to separate your backend core from your user interfaces. This allows the development of a central application core that can be used simultaneously by a Web interface, mobile applications or software for the desktop. An API is only as good as its documentation  because so many APIs have poor documentation that prevents ease-of-use. If an API is not well documented then developers who have options to use something else will just skip it.

The Django Framework is a powerful open-source tool used to build APIs. Its advantages include its simplicity, flexibility, and quality source code and documentation. The framework provides developers with the flexibility to extend and customize the tools offered as they see fit, and greatly reduces development time.

This webinar will take you through the steps of creating an API within the Django framework through the inclusion of theory and a hands-on practical session.

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