Apache Spark & Scala Webinar

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Apache Spark & Scala Webinar

In this age of Big Data, there is a great need for proper analysis of big data in order to provide meaningful insights for business. Of all the various big data processing alternatives available, Apache Spark has an advantage in that it provides Batch as well as Streaming Capabilities. It is a high-speed data processing and advanced analytics engine written in the Scala programming language.

Are you considering a move to Spark and Scala for your Big Data analysis ? Do you wish to get an insight into the Big Data challenges and see how Spark resolves the challenges? Use Spark shell for interactive data analysis ? Understand Scala and its implementation ? Implement and deploy Spark applications ? Understand Spark SQL architecture ?

Tune into the EasyLearning.guru. Webinar on Apache Spark & Scala to get answers to all your questions. All your queries will be discussed by industry experts who are also available to guide you in your quest for excellence in the world of big data analytics.

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