Big Data and Hadoop

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Big Data & Hadoop : The Preferred Choice For Lightning Fast Big Data Analysis An EasyLearning.guru Webinar

Data is an inherent characteristic of every business. The efficiency of every business depends on its ability to process and handle the data that flows in. Most corporations are flooded with data from all directions. To realize the value of data corporations have to find a way to ingest, store and analyse every type of data within the organization. How does an organization deal with the large volumes and variety of data it possesses without increasing costs significantly? And are your existing data architectures equipped to handle the challenges posed by today's data? The open and connected data platforms available today enable you to handle big data and make business decisions quickly and efficiently. Join this webinar to learn how to optimize your data architecture and gain significant cost savings with Hadoop. Hadoop is an Apache open source framework written in java that allows distributed processing of large datasets across clusters of computers using simple programming models. A Hadoop frame-worked application works in an environment that provides distributed storage and computation across clusters of computers. Hadoop is designed to scale up from single server to thousands of machines, each offering local computation and storage. In this webinar will take you through the components and uses of Hadoop and the Apache Hadoop tools such as MapReduce Pig, Hive, Zookeeper, HBasr, Sqoop, Oozie.

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