Data Visualization with Qlikview Training Course

Learn Data Visualization with Qlikview Training Course In-depth


Approx. 2 weeks
Assumes 1 hr/day (work at your own pace)


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  1. 9m 20s
    1. Introduction to Course
      7m 58s
    2. What you should Know
      1m 22s
  2. 33m 36s
    1. Introduction to Qlikview
      10m 23s
    2. Architecture and Components of Qlikview
      7m 30s
    3. Downloading and Installing Qlikview
      5m 8s
    4. Introducing the Qlikview user Interface
      10m 35s
  3. 1h 8m 38s
    1. Import Data from Different Sources
      15m 58s
    2. Inline Data
      8m 41s
    3. Database(ODBC and OLEDB)
      11m 04s
    4. Data Files(QVD)
      10m 04s
    5. Transformation wizard
      4m 52s
    6. Fill Function
      5m 50s
    7. Column Manipulation
      6m 50s
    8. Rotating Tables
      5m 19s
  4. 35m
    1. Working with Sheets
      4m 27s
    2. Changing appearance of sheet
      4m 40s
    3. Printing a sheet or an object
      3m 16s
    4. Exporting Qlikview data to EXCEL
      3m 55s
    5. Basics of Scripts-I
      10m 52s
    6. Basics of Scripts-II
      7m 50s
  5. 1h 20m 36s
    1. Table Box
      11m 03s
    2. List Box
      7m 21s
    3. Multibox
      7m 16s
    4. Creating and configuring Text, Statistic Box in Qlikview
      14m 22s
    5. Button and Arrow/Line Object
      10m 56s
    6. BookMark and Search Object
      8m 02s
    7. Input Box
      5m 15s
    8. Slider/Calendar Object and Container Object
      9m 51s
    9. Creating Reports
      6m 30s
  6. 48m 30s
    1. Pivot Table
      10m 06s
    2. Joins
      9m 16s
    3. Concatenation
      7m 30s
    4. Star Schema
      8m 34s
    5. Synthetic Key Tables
      13m 04s
  7. 1h 15m 9s
    1. Barchart and Line chart
      14m 23s
    2. Combo Chart
      9m 38s
    3. Scatter Chart
      7m 23s
    4. Pie Chart
      6m 55s
    5. Boxplot or Candle stick chart
      10m 23s
    6. Radar and Funnel Chart
      9m 15s
    7. Mekko Chart
      7m 42s
    8. Controlling colors in charts
      9m 30s
  8. 1h 3m 55s
    1. Grouping Expression
      10m 42s
    2. Qlikview variables
      14m 21s
    3. AGGR function
      7m 41s
    4. Class Function
      7m 27s
    5. Lookup and Apply Map function
      13m 34s
    6. Including External scripts
      6m 26s
    7. Hidden Scripts
      4m 13s
  9. 53m 20s
    1. Qlikview set Analysis-Basics
      12m 25s
    2. Set Analysis-Multiple Topics
      11m 27s
    3. Set analysis-Filter Types and set operators
      11m 10s
    4. Set analysis-p(),e() and Other aggregation function
      18m 18s
  10. 1h 9m 2s
    1. Project part-I
      22m 59s
    2. Project part-2
      21m 02s
    3. Project part-3
      25m 01s

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